Is a new global movement emerging around anti-FIFA protests? #fifagohome

The anti-FIFA shout as a reconnection of global struggles

Bernardo Gutierrez

ecodebate_FIFAThe hate against FIFA is the new global shout. It was born occupying a side of a train in Rio de Janeiro and exploded in a street sign in Bangalore, India. It is written with a laser, in a projection on a wall in Belem do Para, in the Amazon. It walks, embraced by many hands, through the streets of Athens. It slides as a virus into the FIFA Fan Fest in Brazil, on giant banners. The shout gets mixed with the demands of civil rights in the squares of Turkey. It appears on the walls of Berlin. It becomes a festive choir during the burning of the World Cup trophy in Mexico City. And it sticks to the walls of the FIFA headquarters in the Swiss city of Zurich, which was attacked by activists with „fight FIFA“, as a temporary slogan […]
Will the antagonism against FIFA, in the midst of an emotional, nationalistic wave during the World Cup, be enough to revive the global revolts cycle that began with the Arab Spring? Can the struggle for a grassroots, popular and social football be extrapolated to the struggle against capitalism?
Hard to say. Football fans were important in the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt. They were also important in the explosion of Turkey’s Gezi Park protests when they came to hold the Istanbul United march, with all the different football fans of Istanbul marching together for the first time in history, united against police repression.
[…] In a sense, #f—FIFA is the new face of an old shout. But will it be enough to reconnect planetary insurgencies or will it vanish after the World Cup final? In 2013, IT research company Gartner predicted that the end of 2014 will see the emergence of a global movement like Occupy Wall Street. Will there be a jump from # f—FIFA to f—capitalism? A new mutation?
Director Alfred Hitchcock used phrases or objects without any apparent meaning in his films. They reappeared, from time to time, creating suspense, keeping the plot alive. Hitchcock named these objects McGuffins. FIFA and its corrupt golden cup could be just a McGuffin of the 99%. A McGuffin with no apparent meaning for global struggles, transformed by the movements and networks in the straw man that receives all the hits. The World Cup, a useless object to the revolution, may be the McGuffin that holds the anti-capitalist struggle alive.

The wohle text by Aljazeera

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