“I just want to be happy” Kunstintervention zur Wiedereröffnung des Kulturzentrums in der Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro

Biggest Rio’s favela reopens traditional cultural center with arts intervention evening

midia_ninja_rocinha_liberdadeFoto: Mídia Ninja

A visual intervention at Dois Irmãos Hill, in Rio de Janeiro, took over the most densely populated favela in the city during the re-opening of cultural center Casa de Cultura da Rocinha. High powered projections gave space to voices that are often silenced by the action of the Military Police and the Pacification Police Program in Rio’s favelas […]

Rocinha called much attention in the news earlier in the year when a group of policemen from the Pacification Program kidnapped, tortured and murdered Amarildo, a humble construction worker allegedly „mistaken“ for a drug trafficker. Amarildo’s killing generated an angry Anti-UPP movement in the city, specially among favela dwellers, who have been subjected to multiple Right’s violations since the program started. “I just want to be happy, walk peacefully around the favela where I was born“, the lyrics of a popular Brazilian Funk song, was projected during the intervention. Tags like “Love”, “Freedom” and “for a new city” were among the projections.

read all: Mídia Ninja

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