Paradise Lost:Luftbilder von den Abholzungen im Amazonas

Aerial Images of Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

Rodrigo_Baleia_deforestationFoto: Rodrigo Baleia

Rodrigo Baleia first embarked on a Greenpeace trip to make photographs of the Amazon rainforest in 2000- and after twelve years and about 218,000 miles of flight documentation, he is still not satisfied with his mission in chronicling the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon […]
Deforestation of the region has seen a drop of about 73% since 2004, according to data compiled by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, and despite a 28% uptick in 2013, Brazil is close to its 2020 goal of reducing deforestation by 80 percent from 1990 levels.
He photographed the rainforest on the ground and overhead, working with the same pilot for 12 years. Mr. Baleia said he documented patterns, such the transformation of patches into pastures for cattle or soybean crops. In more recent flights, he said it appeared as though “the deforestation areas are smaller than they used to be… We can also observe the impacts of large projects, such as building dams and mining, that do not reach only the forest but also small communities and indigenous people.”…

more: Photo Journal

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