“A much more shameful day than Tuesday’s defeat to Germany” Detentions in #Brazil

Arbitrary detentions on the eve of World Cup final expose serious Rights violations in Brazil

wm2014noblogs_nomediaIn the morning of the eve of Word Cup final, 60 temporary detention orders were issued against activists in Rio de Janeiro. In the beginning of the afternoon there were 19 people detained, including three adolescents, one lawyers and two mothers, who were taken to the Police headquarters in Rio in Police Cars’ trunks at assault riffles’ pointed at them.
The situation is an issue for concern among Human Rights defenders and the Brazilian society at large, since the Right to freedom of expression, since no convincing evidences were presented to support the arrests. In a press conference given by the police after the first arrests, independent and international media were not allowed to participate, and only representatives of the three biggest mainstream Brazilian TVs were granted access. The police declared activists were involved in “vandalism acts” since the beginning of mass protests in the country last year. Another 9 activists with restraining orders issued were not located by the police, who consider them “escaped”.
In a public statement Amnesty International, who leads a campaign to prevent Rights Violations during the tournament in Brazil, expressed concern with today’s detentions in the eve of the final: “these detentions seem to repeat a pattern of intimidation already identified by Amnesty before the beginning of the competition.” The organization describes the arrests as “clear attempt to repress and intimidate people who have been participating in demonstrations, and criticizes the Brazilian Government position, and calls for adequate juridical support for detainees. Congressman Jean Wyllys, known for his outstanding congress activities in defense of Human Rights, also made a public statement criticizing today’s detentions and the suppression of individual Rights and the freedom of expression in the country: “The achievement of having a democracy in Brazil was the result of a historical struggle and we can’t allow this sort of behavior by the Government to become the norm”…

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