Brazil´s own goal: In-Depth Analysis of Protests in #Brazil

Protests, police and the #WorldCup

revolution-news2013 will be remembered for the incredible size and scope of the social mobilization that gripped Brazil. People on the streets were witness to the dis-proportionality of police actions.

The countdown to the 2014 World Cup has been marked by a series of demonstrations across Brazil, with hundreds of thousands of Brazilians protesting against government corruption, unaccountable decision-making and the vast expenditure used to host the games, money which they believe would be better spent on public services. […]
Research published in Brazil’s Own Goal shows that the state’s response to these demonstrations has been one of increasing repression and violence, more suited to Brazil’s years of military dictatorship. Police are using excessive force against demonstrators, including highly indiscriminate use of potentially lethal weapons such as rubber bullets and tear gas. A large number of police officers have been spotted removing their identification during the protests and refusing to identify themselves when asked so as to ensure their actions cannot be traced back to them. There have been thousands of arbitrary arrests and the practices of preventative detention and prior restraint are rife […]

Revolution News

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