When the Circus Came to #Brazil: A Final Look Back at the #WorldCup

The month-long tournament was a fantastic party with some brilliant soccer, but larger questions remain

Christopher Gaffney

circus_wmPanum et Circenses, or bread and circuses, was the Roman policy of providing food and entertainment for the masses while the empire crumbled. It may be that the unraveling of empires is marked by an increasing social polarization and incessant entertainment options. The World Cup provides both, and serves to distract and repress populations in radically unequal societies. The four weeks of the tournament brought the complete cessation of urban and social normality, the suspension of critical thought, and the jack-booted force of the state onto the streets. Now that it’s been just over a week since the circus has moved on, we are left with the lead of police bullets, costly, privatized big tops, a retrograde national footballing clown show, and a financial mess to deal with. All this while we prepare for yet another circus, the Summer Olympics in 2016.

all: Fusion Soccer

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